Kitchen and laundry design trends – why white granite is a top choice

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or laundry? Whether it’s a white granite quartz stone kitchen sink or on a kitchen island countertop, white granite is a top choice for those seeking sophistication and timelessness with long-term durability. Our experts at Aquaperla explore the latest kitchen and laundry design trend.

What are the benefits of white granite sinks in the kitchen and laundry?

Besides its aesthetically pleasing and timeless appeal, white granite has many benefits. Since granite is known for its durability, cleaning is a breeze since it is resilient when it comes to moisture. In an all-white kitchen or laundry, where imperfections can stand out like a sore thumb, granite is resistant to chipping and scratching, making it a top choice for durability. White granite sinks are non-toxic, lead-free and highly resistant to heat, stains and dirt. Oil will not adhere to it and neither does it fade over consistent or heavy-duty use.


What white granite sinks are available at Aquaperla?

Aquaperla is home to a vast range of high quality and affordable white granite sinks. Made of premium quality white granite stone composite (80% granite), Aquaperla’s white granite sinks are designed to not only look fabulous but stand the test of time.


The Aquaperla white granite quartz stone range includes:


White Granite Quartz Stone Kitchen / Laundry sink single bowl
Perfect for compact spaces, this white granite sink is suitable for the kitchen, laundry, granny flat or even a caravan. It measures 422mm x 422mm with a height of 203mm.

White Kitchen Sink Granite Stone Under Mount Double Bowls
Made of premium quality white granite stone composite (80% granite), this generous double sink measures 838mm x 476mm x 241mm.

White Granite Quartz Stone Kitchen / Laundry Sink Round Single Bowl Top / Under Mount
With a diameter of 460mm, this sink features beautiful contemporary curvature and a sleek finish.

White Granite Stone Kitchen Sink with Drainboard Top / Under Mount
Drainboard sinks have an attached apron usually on one side of the basin but sometimes on both sides. The apron overlaps part of the counter. Measuring 1000mm x 500mm x 200mm, this stylish sink is minimalist and made to last. The drainboard is grooved and slightly angled down so that the water drains directly into the sink.

White Granite Quartz Stone 1 and ¼ Kitchen Sink Double Bowls Drainboard Top Mount
When size matters, this large white granite double bowl sink with drainboard is what kitchen dreams are made of. Measuring 1000mm x 500mm, it’s the ideal choice for those wanting sophistication, practicality and long-term durability.

Carysil White Single Bowl Granite Stone Kitchen Sink Top / Under Mount
Measuring 780mm x 510mm x 220mm, this contemporary Carysil single bowl sink is big enough to wash the largest baking dishes with ease. There are many other Carysil white granite sinks available at Aquaperla. Explore the range here.

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