Is your property home to a small bathroom? Don’t worry, it is still very possible to make a small bathroom space both a practical and stylish room of the home. If you are considering renovating your bathroom or you’re simply wanting a minor refresh, our team of bathroom accessory experts are here to help. Below, we have put together a summary of our top small bathroom design tips.

Start with the shower

For many small bathrooms, the shower is often going to take up the most space of the room. A helpful bathroom design tip to help open up your space and create the illusion of a larger area is by opting for a glass shower screen or by potentially removing the shower screen entirely. You may opt to make the open shower a feature of the bathroom by incorporating a statement showerhead like the rainfall showerheads stocked here at Aquaperla.

Mirrors are a must

Mirrors reflect both light and pattern which will make a room appear bigger than it actually is. This is therefore a very handy tip when it comes to working with a small bathroom design. You may even like to incorporate many mirrors such as a vanity mirror along with an additional full-length mirror. Not only is it extremely useful to have multiple mirrors within a bathroom, but a mirror can also act as a fashionable statement piece.

Consider bathroom storage & get creative

Storage will often take up precious space which is very undesirable when you only have a small bathroom to work with. Thankfully, there are many options available for getting creative with your bathroom storage which won’t mean half the space is taken up. For example, you might decide on a shelf in with shower. Opting for all closed storage is also ideal. Scattered beauty products and other bathroom items tend to distract the eye so it’s recommended to keep these stored away and out of sight.